Directory of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers

Sexological Bodyworkers are somatic sex educators, supporting individuals, couples and groups to learn to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality, or work through sexual issues or concerns. 

The members of this directory have completed and/or staffed with the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork™ Professional Training UK and Ireland awarded by the Sea School of Embodiment with the Institute of Somatic Sexology, Australia.

South-West England

Kian de la Cour

Kian de la Cour (Dawlish, Devon & London)

Kian is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, deep tissue bodyworker, and teacher of erotic massage and sensual touch workshops. In his work, he draws on extensive experience in tantra, bodywork and shamanic sexuality, having trained with some of the world's leading-edge teachers in conscious sexuality and sex coaching since he started working professionally in 1994.

Kian works with individuals, couples and groups of all sexual orientations, gender identities, characteristics and expressions who want to access more of the wonderful power of sexuality to fuel their life and actualise their dreams.

To find out more about Kian and his work, click here. • kian@seaschoolofembodiment.com07952 469848

Stevie Moss

Stevie is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker with more than 20 years' experience of working in mental health services. Stevie works with both male and female clients of all sexual orientations, using a combination of breathwork, bodywork and guided meditations to help them reconnect to pleasure and sensation in the body. She feels passionately about supporting the people she works with to find deep acceptance of themselves, to create connection with others by accessing their vulnerability and to develop new pathways to pleasure.

As the only post-operative transexual trained as a Sexological Bodyworker in the UK, Stevie has a particular specialism in working with trans-persons. She has extensive experience of working with both pre-operative and post-operative transexuals, sharing her experiences and supporting people to integrate successfully and safely into their lives as trans-persons. As well as helping people to love and accept themselves and their bodies, Stevie is able to work with people's scar tissue, bringing it back into sensation after surgery. 

Having experienced the transformative power of sexological bodywork herself, Stevie is passionate about using the practice to support people to grow more pleasure and sensation in their lives, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Nina Powell

Nina Powell (Bristol and on Skype)

Nina is a Somatic Sex Educator and Coach. She teaches people the skills they need to be more present during sex, have heightened sensations, feel more connected, access their wildish nature, be confident in communicating sexually and be able to make the choices that are right for them.

People come to Nina to overcome feelings of disconnection and shame, emotional and sexual shut-down, loss of libido, disappointing or lack of orgasm, and the emotional and physical effects of past trauma. By learning to hear and listen to the wisdom of their bodies, people are able to live more authentically, to feel passionately alive and to enjoy their bodies.

Nina also offers the unique practices of Scar Tissue Remediation postpartum and Holistic Pelvic Care™. Holistic Pelvic Care™ brings balance, alignment and connection to the pelvis and should be an essential component of all women's health care. The benefits of this practice to a woman's overall health are many and include the following: increasing sexual health, libido and orgasms; addressing pelvic pain, pelvic muscle imbalance and engagement; supporting pelvic wellness and clearing congestion; preparing the pelvis for pregnancy; increasing post-partum healing; healing traumatic or difficult birth experiences; healing trauma; and restoring a woman's connection to her abundant creative centre.

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Katie Sarra (Dawlish, Devon & Skype/Zoom)

Katie is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Art Psychotherapist, Playback Theatre performer, Artist and co-founder of the Sea School of Embodiment.

I believe that every human being has needs to feel useful, having gifts to share with others intimately and as part of community. Our ease in intimacy with ourselves ripples out to feeling at ease with others.

I welcome people of all ages, abilities and genders wanting to recover and remember themselves with kindness and acceptance and to explore and experiment with new ways of being or learn from the beginning. 

When we've been hurt and felt alone with it, the nervous system effectively restricts receptivity through the senses to make it less painful to bear. Traumas big and small or adaptive habits can be held in the body over time in a myriad of ways creating unseen adhesions that restrict function and emotional connectivity. We can find ourselves in looping patterns of inhibition or distress. We discover together your naturalness and what you are wanting to welcome into your life. I guide and support effective step by step routes into embodiment enabling felt foundations of intuition and sensory awareness to come back online.

Sensory awakening also opens us to feeling the feelings we have felt alone with. It takes courage. Here is an opportunity to come home to yourself liberated from loneliness. I understand how it can hurt feeling separation from joy, creativity and gratitude. Learning to feel our bodies physical, emotional, sensual and erotic inner and outer landscapes as resources with our senses back on line supports us to be more in choice with our relationship and intimate decisions. 

Feeling connected again requires repeated trusted experiences of feeling relaxed and safe enough to feel more. Betty Martin's wheel of consent informs the foundations of my practice supporting the foundations of trust to be felt. Here is hope for creating new neural pathways to fire and, with practice, wire.

Sessions are private and held at the Sea School of Embodiment in the sea side town of Dawlish a few minutes walk from the beach and train station. 

'Katie has facilitated my inner person to become my outer person' J.H Devon

To find out more about Katie and her work, click here. • • 07540 571745

Laura-Doe (Oxford, UK & Skype)

Laura-Doe is a pleasure & embodiment coach, a sexual empowerment educator and a comedienne, singer/songwriter. Her passion is to support people to understand and cultivate the power and delight of their natural capacity for pleasure. She fulfils this passion by giving workshops and sessions through the yOniversity, writing and performing theatre, comedy and songs for 'Vaudeville of the Vulva'  and creating and distributing educational resources and beautiful vulva art.

Laura-Doe's interest in effective communication led her to a career as an educator which has spanned two continents, the academic and corporate worlds and subject matter from systems analysis to sex. In early childhood she was lucky enough to discover some of the delicious natural pleasures that our bodies are capable of and blessed with an upbringing that did not suppress her exploration, she sought out teachers of sexuality across many traditions and disciplines and has learnt from the leaders in sexuality across the world.

With qualifications in Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Sex Education and Counselling she is a professional member of SSEAA, the ACSB and ASIS. Laura-Doe has presented the workshops that make up her yOniversity curriculum in Australia, UK, Italy & Bali and offers individual sessions to men women and couples all over the world via Skype and in person. She is currently practising in Oxford, UK.

To find out more about Laura-Doe and her work see here or visit her YouTube channel


Dawn (Ashburton, Devon)

Dawn is a trained and experienced complementary therapist and erotic educator, with a background in the creative arts and education. She has studied Sexology and has been tutored in many traditional and modern approaches to bodywork.

As a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Dawn guides people to enjoy their bodies and supports them in their erotic education and development. Dawn believes that everyone should have the choice to connect with their body as a source of wisdom, and experience pleasure without shame, despite life's barriers. From a space of safety and acceptance, she hopes to inspire and empower people to find, feel, explore, experience, share and celebrate in their pleasure and capacity to touch and be touched.

To find out more about Dawn and her work, click here. • • 07923 685099


Catherine Hale

Catherine is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker a TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)Provider, a sexual wholeness educator and is trained in scar tissue remediation.

With over 20 years of teaching experience Catherine blends the traditions of spiritual psychotherapy with shamanism, trauma healing and body-based modalities with energy work and Tantra.

Her work with clients is about embodiment, taking people into the places where they have disconnected, often due to trauma, and reawakening their capacity to have agency and to safe enough to feel deeply.

Catherine’s work takes people into the depths of their being allowing a discovery of truth through the exploration of their shadow. In this journey of the soul she guides them to return to the light so they can shine brighter and bolder and to be the love that they are.

Catherine welcomes and works with people of all genders, individuals and couples.

She offers empowering workshops, individual sessions, professional training and retreats in:

  • Energy orgasm
  • Healing from trauma
  • Conscious relationships
  • Somatic sexuality and intimacy coaching
  • Energy healing
  • Tantric practice
  • Scar tissue healing

She is a faculty member of ISTA and facilitates global Spiritual Sexual Shamanic.

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Greater London

Tania Leon - vertical logo with name.png

Tania Leon (London and on Skype)

Tania is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, somatic sex educator, and facilitator based in central London. She is also a qualified counsellor.

'The more I do this work, the more I realise just how many people want to better understand their true desires, and experience their sexual selves more deeply. I also witness their delight when taking steps towards making these changes.

Many of us received inadequate sex education, both around consent and boundaries, and about our bodies' capacity for pleasure. This can lay the groundwork for negative sexual experiences that can leave us tense, numb or dissociated – and with no idea what we want, let alone how to ask for it.

If any of this sounds familiar, I offer you a space to (re)discover your sexual self - whatever 'sexual' means for you.' For all genders, orientations, and ages from 18+.

To find out more about Tania and her work, click here

Meredith Reynolds logo

Meredith Reynolds (London)

A somatic sex educator and coach, and Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Meredith works with people to help them become more present in their bodies and more connected with their erotic selves. In practical terms, this involves teaching body-based (somatic) techniques such as conscious breath, sensory awareness and erotic mindfulness – and supporting people to establish their own practice upon these foundations. The results can include better concentration, more conscious and considered life choices, and better sex.

Meredith’s particular areas of teaching interest include: use of breath and mindfulness to be here ‘in the now’; use of breath and touch variation to learn to prolong pleasure states; authentic consent and boundaries; learning to notice, honour and ask for what you want; exploration of parts of the body that hold both pleasure and shame; supporting people with trans* and altered bodies to integrate changes; difficulties with orgasm.

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Stella Anna Sonnenbaum MPH CSE CSSE (East London)

Stella is a Somatic Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Certified Somatic Sex Educator, and holds a Masters degree in Public Health. She sees clients in her private practice in East London, UK, and teaches workshops locally and internationally. She has a background in bodywork (Shiatsu, Reiki), Tantra and Mindfulness and is passionate about conscious and meaningful touch. Speaking of her relationship with clients, she says: "My clients can feel I am present for them on all levels. I have a great track record of coaching people to overcome their issues around sexuality and sensuality. And my sense of humour certainly helps!”

In her practice, Stella creates a safely held space, with clear boundaries, that enables her clients to relax deeply into their own sense of self. She supports them to open up to their full sexual aliveness and expression, which is often the key to truly thriving and experiencing happiness in life.

Stella has been working with people of all genders and sexual orientations since 2009. She has supported clients with a variety of issues, including overcoming sexual shame and trauma, fetish sexuality and sexual fantasies, premature and delayed ejaculation, prostate and anal pleasures, ejaculatory dysfunction and female arousal and pleasure.

To find out more about Stella and her work, click here. •


Elaine Young

Elaine Young (London)

Elaine is a facilitator, bodyworker and guide. She has trained as a Somatic Sex Coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Tantra Educator. She is also a Lead Faculty member at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and an ordained shamanic minister.

Elaine uses modalities including Sexological Bodywork™, shamanism, breathwork and tantra to support clients to move through emotional and sexuality-related challenges in their lives. Her work aims to enable clients to grow and develop new possibilities and new realities by working with the physical, energetic and emotional bodies.

Elaine offers private client and group sessions in London and teaches internationally at festivals and on week-long transformational intensives. She has a background in medical science and healthcare. She holds a BSc and MSc associated with this work and has 20 years clinical experience in direct patient care. 

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Beck Body Curious Logo WHITE no  strap.jpg

Beck Thom

Beck Thom is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker based in the Midlands, UK. With a background in LGBT youth and community work and therapeutic social work, they found the world of Tantra, conscious sexuality and intimacy. Using their previous massage qualifications and certificate in somatic sex education, they now work with ‘anybody with a body’ including the LGBT, queer and trans community to make changes in their sexual lives.

Beck offers an accessible, down to earth approach and a safe space for clients to explore things they may never have told anyone before. Beck is particularly interested in LGBT, queer and trans experiences, all women, people recovering from sexual trauma, abuse and shame and wanting to reclaim their sexuality. Beck also offers workshops and group-work so that people benefit from doing this work in community.

Beck believes that our socialisation around sex and pleasure is distorted and unhelpful regardless of our sexual orientation or gender identity. They know that working on sexuality and intimacy is hugely valid and therapeutic, helping human beings to be whole and integrated and in full ownership of their body and capacity for pleasure. This can have wider-ranging impact on people’s life choices and sense of themselves.  Beck is proud to have joined a field of professionals dedicated to this.

To find out more about Beck's work, click here.  • T: 07704 335999

North-West England

Sarah Rose Bright

Sarah Rose Bright (Liverpool, Manchester and via Skype)

Sarah is a coach, guide, facilitator, teacher and catalyst. She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Tantra teacher and Certified Professional Sex Coach. Her extensive training and life experiences weave modern sexology with ancient wisdom and alternative approaches into powerful, practical knowledge that works.

Her vision is a world in which all adults have access to high-quality sex education and support so people can truly learn about their bodies, pleasure and intimacy and know their sexuality as natural, healthy and precious. She offers bespoke programmes to support people to flourish to their full potential and discover what brings them alive both sexually and in all aspects of their lives.

To find out more about Sarah and her work, click here.

Jon Gosling

Jon Gosling (Manchester and via Skype)

Jon sees the body as a gateway into new and expanded experiences and calls himself a 'Body Awakener'. Connecting with his body has enabled him to experience and understand himself more deeply and allowed him to help others do the same.  He is passionate about the nurturing power of touch and is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and a trained sexologist and somatic educator. He offers experiential learning opportunities that are designed to help individuals access profound erotic and ecstatic states, allowing them to better express their desires and deepen their erotic capacity.

Jon is passionate about his work and specialises in male sexuality, nurturing touch, authentic consent, teaching erotic massage, and, if desired by you, can integrate energy healing into his work.  

Jon works with individuals, couples and groups, respecting peoples’ ethnicity, beliefs, culture, disability and sexuality.

To find out more about Jon and her work, click here.

North-East England

Ali Grace.jpg

Ali Grace (West Yorkshire and via Skype)

Ali Grace is a sexological bodyworker, sex and relationship coach and tantra practitioner. With a friendly, open and non-judgemental approach, she supports individuals, couples and groups to learn about their bodies and make wonderful new discoveries. Whether you are seeking to deepen your knowledge of your erotic nature, work through issues or concerns, become more comfortable with your own body or develop confidence in expressing your desire, Ali will guide and facilitate your learning. 

Working at your pace, your level of comfort and led by your goals, Ali creates a safe space for revelatory and life-affirming experiences. She supports you to make discoveries and push your boundaries, allowing you to make choices about your body and your sexuality, and to discover a sense of acceptance of your own wholeness.  Ali will help you move beyond any notion of sex being taboo or shameful, and enable you to reclaim permission, enjoyment and freedom for understanding pleasure on your own terms.  

To find out more about Ali and her work, click here.



Michael Dresser (Findhorn, Scotland and via Skype)

Michael is an embodied intimacy coach and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. He works collaboratively and therapeutically with you to help you learn how to listen, to feel and to inhabit the pleasure that already lives inside your body. With this insight you are able to communicate more fully with your own real desires and those of others.

Michael actively welcomes working with all shades on the gender and sexual orientation spectrums, and has a special personal interest in queer or male experiences. In particular, he values working with those interested in exploring difficult or unhealthy relationships with porn or fantasy, or those seeking to connect (or reconnect) more consciously with their own intimacy and bodily sensation.

To find out more about Michael and his work, click here.  07941 418222

John Fraser

John Fraser (Glasgow, Scotland)

John is a Sexological Bodyworker, Tantric Practitioner and meditator based in Glasgow.

Working collaboratively with you, he creates a held space where you are liberated to explore your curiosity, your desire, your power and your beauty as a sexual being, and the obstacles that may impede this. He is particularly interested in setting the body free from the constraints of the mind and our ideas of what our sexuality should be like.

He works individually and together with his partner Karen.

To find out more about John's work, click here.


Dee Larsen (Belfast & Dublin, Ireland)

Dee Larsen is the founder of Body Conscious Ireland and is passionate about recognising the beauty of our bodies and supporting clients in their capacity for pleasure. As a Certified Sexological Bodyworker Dee offers sessions to individuals and couples regardless of orientation or ability to overcome barriers to accessing fullest pleasure. With 15 years post qualifying experience as a social worker, Dee demonstrates insight and empathy with her clients gently supporting them on every stage of their journey.

Areas of expertise include: overcoming body shame, poor self esteem, recovering from trauma and abuse, lack of arousal, having more ejaculation choice, boundaries and consent. 

Dee's practice is rooted in the belief that once we know what our bodies like and how to ask for it, pleasure will come naturally. 

To find out more about Dee and her work click here •

Kai Helmich

Kai Helmich (Dublin, Ireland and South-West London)

Kai's passion as a relationship,intimacy and sexuality coach is to ask questions and explore the possibilities of how to experience the mystery of life in a more deeply embodied, authentic and soul -nourishing way. As a Sexological Bodyworker, Kai helps people to become whole - not only to ascend into spiritual realms but, equally important, to descend into conscious sexuality. Through somatic learning experiences,Kai invites clients to allow themselves to feel again, to reclaim the love for themselves, their power and their desire for pleasure.  

Non-judgmental, open-minded and curious about the versatility of the human nature, Kai welcomes all individuals, couples and groups, no matter what their age, race, genital configuration, orientation or preference.  

Kai visits Dublin once a month to see old and new clients alike and to hold workshops and rituals.  

To find out more about Kai and his work, click here 

Randy Ralston.jpeg

Randy Ralston (Wicklow, Ireland)

Randy is a sex, intimacy and pleasure coach, a consciousness facilitator, a Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator. He holds state-approved certification through the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in California, as well as from the Institute of Somatic Sexology. He is also a member of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.

Using his broad experience and background in the sensual and healing arts, Randy provides individual sessions that are confidential, non-judgmental and sensitively provided in a compassionate, no-nonsense style that helps people allow into their lives all the love, pleasure and freedom they have always wanted. With a private practice based in Ireland, Randy also serves the UK and Europe. He accepts referrals and works in collaboration with complementary and traditional professionals, therapists, medical doctors, social workers and other health care providers.  

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