Certificate in Somatic Sex Education (CSSE), United Kingdom 2018 March 06 to Sept 23

Purpose: To provide a Level 2 (second year) training for CSBs. This experiential training offers CSBs the opportunity to expand their coaching and teaching skills by coaching students in the UK Certificate in Sexological Bodywork™ Training. CSSEs will receive supervision and coaching, as well as supervise and coach others. The program provides CSBs with opportunities to revisit, and go more deeply, into the materials and topic areas of the Sexological Bodywork™ training, and to hone their teaching skills through practice and feedback.

Prerequisite: Certificate in Sexological Bodywork™ (CSB)

Program Components: Coaches in the Certificate in Somatic Sex Education Program will assist up to four students to deepen their experience of embodiment using breath, movement, touch, sound, intention, and conscious sexual arousal from the beginning of the Online Group Study until they have completed the Supervised Practice Sessions. Coaches will encourage mindful awareness and self-directed practice in their students using email, online forums, and regular phone sessions. The coach-student connection will support the creation of a learning community within this training and beyond.

In addition to working with students, the coaches themselves are required to engage five of the same somatic assignments as their students and to post reports online with other student reports. All coaches must start the course with their own Orgasmic Yoga practice (Assignments One and Two) and must engage their students in Orgasmic Yoga phone coaching (Assignment Three). Coaches choose two of the other somatic practices assignments to complete.

Coaches will keep a learning journal during their Somatic Sex Education training. Parts of this journal will be shared online with others in the same training.


Dates for 2018 UK CSSE training (Level 2):

March 06 - May 12, 2018 —As the Sexological Bodywork Training Begins.

  • The Certificate in Somatic Sex Education program begins with training for the coaches. This training, in the form of a teleconference, will include somatic coaching strategies as well as a collaborative review of the course materials in the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork™ Training.

  • Coaches will keep a learning journal during their Somatic Sex Education training during Module 1. Parts of this journal will be shared online with others in the same training.

  • There will be 3 phone conferences between March 06 & May 12.

  • Coaches will practice developing somatic sex education material


May 13 - 27, 2018 —The Embodiment Intensive

  • Each coach will offer somatic teaching at the Intensive. Teaching will be based on the home study assignments and informed by somatic learning theories. You will develop this teaching in consultation with Kian and Katie.

  • Coaches form part of the faculty for the intensive. The faculty meets on the day before the Intensive begins for the CSB students (on May 14), for orientation and planning.

  • Coaches will participate in regular staff planning sessions at the Intensive. These sessions will evaluate and guide the learning.

  • Coaches will sometimes function as teaching assistants or witnesses during the Intensive, offering guidance and feedback to students as appropriate.

  • Coaches will offer coaching, supervision, and support to their assigned trainees during the intensive.

  • Coaches will sometimes participate in group learning experiences along with students.

  • Coaches will assist as needed with the logistics of the Intensive.


June 4 – Sept 23, 2018—Towards Certification

  • Coaches will supervise and collaborate with their students after the Intensive. This will involve 5 supervision sessions with your trainees, for reflection on the learning in order to improve practice, and help with the planning and evaluation of student practice sessions.

  • Students will be in dialogue with their coaches about the assistance they are receiving during their training. In many cases, students will request specific assistance from their coaches.

  • There will be monthly CSSE phone conferences between the Embodiment Intensive and the conclusion of the CSSE program on September 23. These calls will provide coaches with professional support and supervision, to deepen their coaching and somatic sex education experience.


A Certificate in Somatic Sex Education will be awarded upon the satisfactory completion of the training requirements:

  • Coaching up to four students through their Sexological Bodywork™ training.

  • Completion of five experiential home study assignments.

  • Completion of required CSSE assignments.

  • Participation in the teleconference calls throughout the CSSE program.

  • At the Intensive, participation in regular planning sessions and assisting student learning whenever possible.

  • Chronicling the training in a somatic learning journal.

  • Supervision of and collaboration with assigned students after the Intensive.



The cost of the Certificate in Somatic Sex Education is:

Early Bird                      £850             If paid in full before December 10, 2017

Full Price                      £995

Prices do not include food and accommodation for the Embodiment Intensive. 


In addition you need, at you own cost:

  • to maintain your subscription with the New School of Erotic Touch
  • to pay for transport to and from the Embodiment Intensive
  • to pay for connection to the teleconference calls where necessary
  • to have copies of Jack Morin's The Erotic Mind and Sherri Winston's Women's Anatomy of Arousal

Enrolment: If you would like to be part of this learning experience, please contact Kian at kian@seaschoolofembodiment.com